How It Works

Step 1 
Find out if genetic counseling is right for you.  Visit our frequently asked questions to see if a consultation with Seattle Genetic Counseling could benefit you.
Step 2
Contact Brad at Seattle Genetic Counseling to discuss your consultation needs.  Then, if you would like to schedule a consultation you can pick a format that works for your schedule.  See below for consultation options.

Step 3 
Gather your family history information and any genetic test results and send them to Brad for review.

Consultation Options

Life is busy, and oftentimes schedules make it hard to travel to across town for a consultation.  Not to worry.  Seattle Genetic Counseling makes consultations easy and convenient.  I offer three ways to have a consultation.  We can discuss your questions by phone, over Skype, or an in-person at your home or office. 

by phone

Discuss via phone call

by skype

Discuss via video conference

in person

Meet at your convenience in your home or office


Brad Rolf, MS, CGC
Licensed Genetic Counselor 
Seattle Genetic Counseling, LLC 
(206) 438-3543